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Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) workshop

SFVS workshop overview

The Schools Financial Value Standard workshop has been developed by HCSS Education to help Schools complete the standard with ease.

This is a practical half-day workshop designed to give an overview of the evidence required to complete the SFVS self-evaluation document, which is a mandatory requirement for all maintained Schools. The SFVS return must be completed by the 31st of March each year.

You can find out more about the Schools Financial Value Standard on the Department for Education website here.

This practical half-day workshop will look at:

  • The self-evaluation tool and supporting notes

  • The evidence required

  • The process – what process is required to meet the standard

  • Timing – how long will it take & when do Schools need to complete the SFVS

  • Consequences of not completing the standard

  • Best practice

  • Governor commitments

  • Improving value for money

  • Practical exercises “what if” scenarios

Ideal for

The SFVS workshop is ideal for School Business Managers, Headteachers, Governors, Finance Officers and School Leadership Teams who want to ensure that they have robust financial management in place.

Course length

Half day workshop.


How much does the SFVS workshop cost?

If you are interested in finding out more about the half day SFVS workshop including pricing information please call us on 0845 345 3300 or make an enquiry using the online form.