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How Inspirational Leaders Achieve Their Strategy


This is a leading training course delivered by Howard Jackson, Head of Education and Founder of HCSS Education, and is designed specifically for School Senior Leadership Teams. The course takes an in-depth look at the characteristics of inspirational leaders and also examines the main reasons why strategies fail and how to overcome these issues.

The top ten characteristics of inspirational leaders

  • They invite everyone to create a collective vision for the organisation
  • They include everyone in developing a plan for the organisation's development
  • They encourage employee growth and provide educational opportunities
  • They build, strong inclusive and collaborative teams
  • They are not driven by the need of power, control or because of ego
  • They listen to employees and are open to new ideas and changes
  • They don't micromanage or hover, they encourage independent work
  • They lead by example of kindness and direct only when asked or needed
  • They create a workplace which feels positive and energetic to everyone
  • They ensure employees are actually and demonstrably motivated to inspire and excel

Ten reasons why strategies fail - how to improve your strategy 

Most leaders have fresh ideas, good intentions and a willingness to take action but find it difficult to turn strategy into reality. In this course Howard Jackson examines the top ten reasons from his experience and research as to why strategies fail and explains how you and your school can avoid these common pitfalls and make your strategy a reality.


How much does this training course cost?

This training course can be delivered as a half day workshop (approximately 3 hours) or as a keynote speech (approximately 1 hour). If you are interested in finding out more about the training course including pricing information please call us on 0845 345 3300 or make an enquiry using the online form.