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Time saving funding software created for special needs schools

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"Very knowledgeable and a good speed of resolution to my query."
Alison Hedges, School Business Manager, New Chapter Primary School

"Efficient and helpful as always."
Julia Creasey, Business Director, Magdalen College School

"Fast call back and effective support to resolve query."
Caroline Behan, School Business Manager, John Fisher Catholic High School

"Really helpful advice given."
Debra Johnson, Whipperley Infant Academy

"Good communication and product knowledge."
Anne Bayliss, School Business Manager, Wyndcliffe Primary School

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"Really helpful advice given."

Debra Johnson, Whipperley Infant Academy

HCSS Education have created a new funding software solution for special needs schools, which will enable school business managers and the school administration team to stay in control of school income streams at all times.

The UK's first funding software designed for special needs schools 

HCSS SEND Funding employs a modern, intuitive interface designed for both novice and advanced users.

The system has been designed specifically for special needs schools in full consultation with a select group of education finance experts covering the whole of the sector, ensuring the software absolutely meets your needs. 

HCSS SEND Funding also links with our financial planning software - HCSS Budgeting, to enable the simple transfer of budget planning and detailed income forecasting.

HCSS SEND Funding is created around your needs

We understand that flexible funding calculations and out of authority invoicing is a very dynamic requirement and is a time consuming process that presents you with a real challenge. 

HCSS SEND Funding will save you time and give you consistent results by eliminating the need for manual calculations using several spreadsheets. 

Our forecasting reconciliation software will save you time and stress

The flexible funding calculations function allows you to add forecasted place and band numbers, per place, pupil funding, inflation and profiled funding. This will help you reach the most accurate estimates as possible for your five year budget plan.

Moreover, you are able to add multiple funding streams against each pupil and add pupils from multiple Local Authorities to create an effective cash flow. 

The reports are immediate, accurate, dependable and can be produced in a variety of formats.

Additionally, the reports can be exported into Excel and PDF formats which can then be easily emailed and shared, overall saving you time and stress. 

24/7 access from anywhere

HCSS SEND Funding is delivered through our secure cloud service, all the functionality is accessed through your browser or mobile device. Running the software online means that you have no software to manage locally. 

Further support 

HCSS SEND Funding is maintained by us and therefore any updates with funding we automatically implement into the software.

Our customer support is open Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm and is there to support you with any questions you might have.