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HCSS Budgeting - budget planning and forecasting for schools and academies

A powerful budget planning and forecasting tool for schools and academies.

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"Good communication and product knowledge."

Anne Bayliss, School Business Manager, Wyndcliffe Primary School

One in Three schools and academies plan for their financial futures using HCSS Budgeting.

Delivering outstanding pupil outcomes, despite real-term cuts and rising overheads, requires first-class financial planning.

HCSS Budgeting is designed to help you fully understand your financial position in the short, medium and long term.

Intuitive and easy to use, the software allows you to create detailed budgets and plan multiple scenarios, helping to shape your financial strategy.

Key benefits

For schools and academies

  • Build accurate budgets based on CFR / EFA reporting structures
  • Understand the long-term impact of your financial decisions by creating‘what if’ financial scenarios
  • Complex staffing calculations are made easy, providing highly accurate staff costings and a monthly report for reconciliations to payroll
  • Produce a wide range of essential reports for key stakeholders
  • Academies can generate their EFA budget forecast at the click of a button

For local authorities and multi-academy trusts

  • Provide consistent budgeting data across all your schools
  • Standardise the budget planning and reporting process
  • Improve visibility and transparency at school level, making it easier for you to offer effective and timely guidance to individual schools
  • Access consolidated data and reports including key forecast data and combined reports for statutory returns

Key features

With HCSS Budgeting, you can:

  • Produce five-year forecasts
  • Easily manage users and access rights
  • Calculate staffing costs for multiple contracts and customise pay scales with accurate on-costs
  • Accurately calculate pay adjustments including maternity, paternity and sickness pay
  • Compare and monitor actuals against budget

Features include:

  • Administration layer available for local authorities and multi-academy trusts
  • Proactive updates with the latest DfE and EFA directives
  • Automatic software updates
  • Comprehensive reporting: information is available in a range of formats and can be exported into Excel and PDF formats
  • Links to accountancy packages: HCSS Accounting, SIMS FMS6, Civica Resource and PS Financials, plus links to Personnel 7
  • Action Planner tool - set up a school action plan and link it to your budgets
  • Links to other HCSS software products: HCSS Curriculum and HCSS SEND Funding