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There is an alternative... HCSS Education has developed a new financial accounting software package for 2016.

HCSS Accounting has been designed exclusively for academies and schools and we have involved our network of experienced school business managers and leading figures from the education sector in its development.

The software meets your everyday financial management needs and helps you to be a more effective business manager.

Discover the difference for yourself.

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50% Discount

We have left nothing to chance

HCSS Accounting is not only quicker and easier to use, but it is more functional and intuitive than any other education accounting application available today.

We have designed the software to transform the way you work, taking away the frustrations and time-wasting workarounds that you experience with existing accounting packages.

The UK’s first completely online financial accounting package for schools and academies

HCSS Accounting allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection, enhancing your user experience, helping to improve your overall productivity and supporting flexible working.

With cloud-based software you are no longer tied to a specific computer or network, so staying late at work or travelling to school at weekends will be a thing of the past.

Save up to 50%

We have launched an early adopters programme where you can receive up to 50%* off HCSS Accounting. Click here to register.

*Terms and conditions apply. The above offer is valid upon receipt of a signed order before midnight 31st March 2017 and is only available on HCSS Accounting software. HCSS Education part of the Access Group reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion at any time.

HCSS Accounting is going to blow the competition out of the water
Sue Edwards, Director of Business and Finance, Ripley St Thomas CE Academy – HCSS Accounting focus group member.

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Software that simply makes life better

When it comes to change, you want to change for the better. It’s the same when changing your software.

You expect the basics to be absolutely right. You also expect to see real value improvements in the way you work and a positive impact on your organisation.

With HCSS Accounting, we are confident that we have delivered.

Work from any location at any time

Like the rest of our software portfolio, HCSS Accounting is cloud-based. What does this mean for you?

It means greater accuracy as your financial data is all in one place and everyone in your team can access the latest information.

It means greater security as there’s no need to send sensitive information via email or on USB memory sticks.

It means greater convenience as you can access the data in real-time, for example during management meetings. You can work from any location, which is great if you are based remotely or need to catch up outside office hours.

All you require is an internet connection.

Read more about our cloud service here.

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Switch to HCSS Accounting in just five easy steps

Changing your accountancy system is a big decision, one that affects both your people and processes.

We recognise this and in response we have developed a seamless transition process covering data migration, set up, training and support.

All you need to do is decide when you want to start using HCSS Accounting, our consultants will do the rest.

Review 01 Prepare 02 Migrate 03 Activate 04 Review 05
User details Chart of accounts Extract school data System setup & testing Service review
Map your structure Run reports Double check data Network checks Delivery checklist
System setup Migration strategy Create school in HCSS Cloud Functional walk through Customer feedback
Security/networks Key tasks Import school data User training Customer signoff
Delivery date Outline plan agreed Communications plan Communications plan
Communications plan Communications plan

Friendly experts, clever software

Our Objective

Our objective is always to help you win back time, reduce your stress levels and strengthen the financial foundations at your school, academy, multi-academy trust or local authority.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to develop intuitive and innovative software solutions that always meet your needs.

We work with over

  • Building

    4000 Schools

  • Building

    2000 Academies

  • Building

    30 Local Authorities

  • Building

    150 Multi-academy trusts

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The story behind HCSS Accounting’s development

The customer is at the heart of everything we do. Before work started on creating the HCSS Accounting software, we set up a focus group to shape and steer its development. They have been with us every step of the way.

Watch the video to find out more about why and how we developed our financial accounting software. You will also hear from some of the members of the HCSS Accounting focus group.

Learn more about the alternative accounting software for schools and academies

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Associate Programme

HCSS Education is introducing a new Associate Programme which will give schools the opportunity to generate income and help other schools in the process.

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