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Secure access anytime and from any location with the cloud

HCSS Education’s software portfolio is delivered as a cloud based service, providing real benefits for our customers and their users. The cloud service provides them with secure access to their service at anytime and from anywhere that has internet access.

Cloud services have become an attractive alternative to the traditional IT service delivery model. In fact, organisations are increasingly driven to cloud services as a way to increase their productivity, whilst lowering costs and enhancing convenience for users.

Delivering tangible benefits

A recent report from Tata Communications (February 2015) showed that 83% of enterprises who are adopting a cloud based service are seeing tangible benefits in their organisation that they hadn’t expected. The most popular benefits identified are; increased productivity- 69%; improved access to data - 65%; and reductions in overall costs - 63%.

Enterprises are able to adapt quickly to change in working practices and respond more appropriately to internal demands. Using traditional IT platforms to run schools finance software does have its draw backs when compared to a cloud service.

Moving to a cloud service enables schools to develop a more flexible approach to the way they manage their finances, with improved access to designated users, greater collaboration with colleagues and partners and more control of the current financial position.

Similarly, traditional IT platforms can easily become insecure in their operation, for example having to share data by using email or USB memory sticks, storing laptop’s or server’s in an insecure room or just poor password control can compromise security.

Cloud services on the other hand, are now one of the most secure ways to store and manage your school’s financial information. Cloud service removes the need for schools to host the IT platforms and the software themselves, helping them save on costs and maintenance. Software updates are made easier by being performed in the cloud outside the normal working day, customers just see the benefit and not have to experience any downtime.

Delivering peace of mind 

Our service adheres to compliance standards and regulations that meet ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification for security. Our cloud service delivers high levels of availability and resilience to ensure our customers always have access to their data, 24 hours a day. The highly efficient system architecture responds to user demand, system performance and data back-up requirements.