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Consultancy services

Our vast experience and expertise within the education sector enables us to offer a range of consultancy services in all aspects of education finance.

Below you will find details of all our available consultancy services. However if you have specific requirements not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.


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Internal Audit service

All Academy Trusts are expected to agree a programme of work which will review risks and financial control, to inform the annual Governance Statement and, so far as is possible, provide assurance to the external auditors. One way that an Academy Trust can meet the above requirements is to commission the work of an Internal Audit service.

Bursarial Services (ad-hoc and contract based)

Financial management in Schools and particularly Academies is becoming more and more complicated and technical. With real terms shrinking resources and increasing pressure on School leaders to deliver high standards it has never been more important to have robust and effective financial management support.

Deficit Recovery Planning

With real terms shrinking resources, uncertainties of future funding and increasing pressure on School leaders to deliver high standards, many Schools are finding it difficult to balance the budget. If your School or Academy currently has a budget deficit or faces a potential deficit in the future, HCSS Education can help.

Financial planning for academy conversion

Converting to academy status usually means a whirlwind few months for the school business managers and governors who will be at the centre of this important change. At HCSS Education, we recognise the challenges you face and are able to help you navigate through the process.

Financial Support Package for Academies

The Academy Financial Support Package is an annual consultancy Service Level Agreement that supports both new and existing academy staff. The package offers financial consultancy, support and guidance on a regular basis and is often based on four visits per year.

Additional consultancy services

Find out more about the additional consultancy services that we can deliver. We are constantly reviewing our consultancy services to make sure that the information is relevant and up-to-date.

Our vast experience in the education sector also allows us to bespoke a consultancy service to suit individual or group requirements.