Highlights for HCSS Education 2016

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Highlights from HCSS Education's bumper 2016

HCSS Education hit the news headlines with some major developments in 2016. We welcomed new owners, released a ground-breaking new software system and updated an existing solution. And we have just recently announced the retirement of our founder. 

Before we fully engage our minds in 2017 mode, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back on the highlights from this year and thank everybody that was a part of it. 

HCSS Education acquired by The Access Group

In late 2015 HCSS Education was acquired by The Access Group, a software company serving more than a million users across 10,000 organisations.

Overnight, The Access Group became the market leading provider of financial services software in the education sector. HCSS Education saw massive benefits too. The team could access new resources, support and expertise that has helped push the company and its software to a new level. 

Similar business values and a shared company culture have allowed the businesses to integrate quickly and smoothly. 

It also means that HCSS Education can offer a larger range of fully supported solutions – making us a one stop shop for education software. 

HCSS Budgeting gets a facelift

Formerly known as FPS Web, HCSS Budgeting was re-branded and re-designed in January to make the software more intuitive and easier to use. 

HCSS Education’s financial planning product is used by more than 6,000 schools across the country and the January update brought major improvements to the menu system and user interface. 

The new system made managing staffing simpler than ever and it enabled one-click report switching to help make budget planning easier than ever for hard-pressed schools. 

HCSS Education in the news 

As the company has grown, so has its profile with regional and national media titles. In 2016, HCSS Education was featured in more than a hundred news stories in both digital and print formats. 

Notably HCSS Education was featured in The Guardian, The Independent, Schools Week and the Times Educational Supplement on more than one occasion. 

Launch of HCSS Accounting 

One of the most exciting moments of the year came in September when HCSS Accounting, the company’s most ambitious software solution yet, was powered up for the first time. 

The software has already been rolled out to more than 200 sites and supports more than 1,200 active users. 

The early adopter’s scheme, which gives schools a 50 per cent discount, is still available until March 2017. 

The software was designed specifically for use in an education environment and school leaders were involved at every key stage during the development. 

Howard retires 

Exactly 12 months after he promised his wife that he would retire, Head of Education and Founder of HCSS Education Howard Jackson announced that he would be leaving the company.

After a long career spent as an Internal Auditor, a School Business Manager and a Finance Director, Howard set up HCSS Education in 1993 from a back bedroom of his Cheshire home.

Since then he has carefully and responsibly led the company through product development, rapid expansion and eventual acquisition. Howard will continue to play a consultative role at HCSS Education and will still be involved in some key activities, but for now, he is looking forward to spending more time with his family. 

Looking ahead

HCSS Education would like to thank all the staff, customers and everybody else that helped make 2016 such a successful year. 

Now the team are looking forward to confronting new challenges in 2017 and believe the company is in a strong position to tackle them head on.